Colours: Definitions & Uses in China

Mustafa Jassem compufocus Shenzhen expo

In business, first impression is everything. This is true everywhere, but it’s particularly true in China, a country with rich culture and heavily embedded symbolism. The colors and their hidden meanings can be the difference between success and failure. If you want to follow the correct business etiquette in China, then you have to think about the colours you are using as they have a big influence in the Chinese culture.

The ancient and complex Chinese culture is the Godfather of cultural symbolism. No Chinese cultural symbolism is as common as colours. The hidden meaning of colours is surprisingly different in China than in any other culture in the world. Startups in China should avoid confusing Chinese consumers by ensuring that the logo and marketing materials are sympathetic and to reflect the positivity within local Markets.

The Infographics below will advise you about which colours to use and which to avoid when selling to Chinese markets:


red color in china

yellow color in china


gold in china


purple color in china

green color in china


white color in china

black color in china

rainbow color china


China, as a modern country, has a lot of faces, and full spectrum of colors. Stereotyping it with red is safe but boring practice. Free your creativity and experiment with different colors in a different cultural contexts. The pitfalls outlined in this article are easy to avoid. All will be fine as long as your campaign or design is backed by reliable market research and cultural analysis.