Sourcing From China

Sourcing and importing products from China is quite easy nowadays. But there are hundreds or thousands of Chinese suppliers in a certain product category, and difficult for foreigner to choose the right suppliers or avoid quality problems. And for people who doing small business, there are also lots problems to buy from China directly.

In order to help our clients to source their products from China, We offer a flexible business model according to your organizational objectives. We can act as a buyer-reseller and make a margin on the product being sourced otherwise We act as an agent who provides the services for a fee (either on a commission basis, fixed fee of mixed commission and fixed fee) for managing the China sourcing process from end-to-end on the Client’s behalf.

The risks associated with China sourcing need to be addressed and managed. CompuFocus takes a sufficient precaution in procuring materials or trained manpower. Leveraging experienced staff at a procurement service is a potentially attractive strategy to mitigate these risks and ensure sourcing success.



We do the following steps to provide our clients a risk free Import procedure:



Total Transparency & Auditability

We share all supplier information with clients with total transparency to build strong relationships built on trust and reliability. All supplier interactions are documented and are available to be audited.


Who is our Client?

Most sourcing companies (no matter based in China or outside China) only source for big quantity orders, like 2 or 4 products for whole container. And most of them work in low efficiency via Email communications.


But We in CompuFocus are focusing on sourcing service for small businesses, free lancers and online sellers. The order quantity starts from 100 items to a full container orders. As knowing Chinese manufacture well, we can help small business buyers get the lowest price from the right supplier. We help customers source products, manage producing, inspect products, and manage shipping, to make importing from China safe and easy.